Saturday, January 11, 2014

Remembering King Syrup and Fried Bologna Sandwiches


King Syrup

Do you remember King Syrup or was that before your time?  I'm telling my age, but I used to eat this stuff by the gallon when I was growing up.  We ate it on pancakes, waffles, biscuits and made syrup sandwiches.  They were the best.  Aunt Jemima may reign supreme now, but King Syrup roared back in the day.  It was so thick it took forever to pour it out the bottle.  We actually turned the bottle upside down once and went outside to play ball. 
Our thinking was when the game was over, the syrup would be ready to pour.  We complained so much, daddy started buying the syrup in the can.  We could dip a spoon into the can and retrieve our goods quicker.  We loved it and we loved daddy for the new purchase.  We sang Long live the King to him!  I think we could have gotten King Syrup out of him for the rest of our lives after that.  I miss you daddy! 

As the years passed, King Syrup lost its popularity in our household.  I was visiting a friend and we decided to go to iHop for breakfast.  As we were walking out the door, I noticed that he had a can of King Syrup in his hands.  I couldn't believe that he was actually going to take his own syrup into a restaurant, but I was truly in disbelieve that he had a can of King Syrup.  I hadn't seen a can in years.  He told me that he had it shipped to him and he never ran out.  He stated the neighborhood iHop had allowed him to bring his own syrup for years.  His wife verified his story, and I got to see it for myself.  He ordered his favorite pancakes and covered them with his favorite syrup.   Just when you think you've seen it all.   We had a great time reliving our childhood and reminiscing about all the foods that we ate as children. 
Another favorite of ours was fried bologna sandwiches, known as the poor man's meat.  Daddy would go to the deli and have Johnny, the butcher, slice it thin for us.  It had this string around it that had to be removed before eating.  For those who didn't indulge in fried bologna sandwiches, you don't know what you missed.  Half the fun was in eating it and the other half was frying it.  If you didn't put a slit around the edges of the bologna, it would curl up.   

I loved my childhood for the most part.  It was carefree and the memories are great.  What are some of your favorite childhood foods?

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