Wordless Wednesday

                                       My Big Boy On Willow

Each year I take my grandson pony riding.  This is our 5th year.  The ponies have gotten bigger through out the years.  The first year he was on a minature pony.  Amazing how fast they grow up. 

  1. Comment by Mellisa Rock on 6:29 AM  

    What a fun tradition. My kids love the pony rides at the festival of lights but I've been thinking about riding lessons lately!

  2. Comment by Lisa @ Grandmas Briefs on 6:38 AM  

    So precious! My oldest grandson (4) has ridden a real pony twice: once was a shetland at my sister's ranch this summer, the other was at the pumpkin farm this fall. The one at the pumpkin farm was HUGE. I think we'll stick with the little guys for a few more years.

    Thank you for visiting Grandma's Briefs. Great to meet you!

  3. Comment by rmgales on 6:46 AM  

    @Mellisa Rock - I going to try to make as many traditions as I can with the kids. I want them to look back and the memories. Riding lessons sounds like a good idea. Let me know how it goes.

  4. Comment by rmgales on 7:00 AM  

    @Lisa@Gramdmas Briefs - I would love to be able to take my grandchildren to a ranch. We don't have many if any of those in my area. It was nice to meet you as well, and I'm looking forward to reading your blog posts.

  5. Comment by Petula Wright on 8:49 PM  

    Oh my, he has grown! That just reminded me I told the kids I would take them horseback riding and I haven't. I told them that quite some time ago. Bad mommy!

  6. Comment by rmgales on 5:24 AM  

    @Petula - Yes, he is growing fast. You should take your children horseback riding. Be warned - they will love, and will want to go again and again.