Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Inspirational Quotes: Standards

Planting and Harvesting Garlic

I finally have garlic!  I planted garlic last year and had no success.  I decided to try again in the fall and look at these nice healthy garlic plants.  I planted onions in this space last year and they did great, so I decided to amend the soil with my homemade organic compost and plant the cloves in the same spot.  They loved it.  

I finally harvested the plants this week, and I'm quite pleased with the size of the bulbs.   Harvesting the bulbs required a little muscle.  The roots at the end of the bulbs run deep, so you must dig the bulbs out.  You can't pull them out like onions.  Since this was my first year planting garlic, I didn't realize how much muscle would be required.  

To avoid damaging the bulbs, I decided to remove the dirt until the entire bulb was exposed and I could get to the bottom of the bulb.  I used my garden shovel and my hands, please wear gloves, to remove the dirt until the bulb was exposed.  I than placed the shovel under the bulb and worked it until it became loose and than pulled it out.  Nice way to get an upper body work-out, lol.  

It's amazing what can happen in 2 - 3 week in the garden.  I harvested the bulb on the right 3 weeks before the other plants.  You can see how much smaller it is than the other cloves, but it cured beautifully.  It's ready to use.  I just need to cut off the roots and stem.  Some people braid their harvest, but I'm just going to store mine in a dish on the counter since it's a small batch.  

I will allow the newly harvested bulbs to cure for 3 - 4 weeks.  Once it turns white and the covering is like paper, I'll shake off the dirt, remove the roots and stem and than store it.  Some gardeners leave their harvest in the garden to cure, but I brought mine in the house and played them in a spot in the kitchen.  Stay tuned for a post on what it looks like after it has cured.  Do you plant garlic? How do you allow your plants to cure?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Printable First Day Of School Scrapbook Page

The first day of school is an exciting day for parents and our little ones.  It only happens once, so be sure to capture that memory.  Print our scrapbook layout and enjoy.  

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Karen chose Lovely Floral Garland from Designs by Miss Mandee. "Not only is this garland great, but you can make your own with the download option! Plus, the images can be used for so many other things, making it a versatile freebie."
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Katie chose Prisma Wall Decor : Knock Off from Delineate Your Dwelling. "I am a sucker for a good knock off, and this one is FABULOUS ... And basically FREE! How's that for a good combo?! Amy made this out of ... Paper Straws and Bakers Twine (plus some gold spray paint)!! I just live the result!! Beautiful!"
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Tenns chose Efficient Blogging from Pastries, Pumps, and Pi. "Such a great rundown of how to blog more efficiently! I think any blogging can appreciate and benefit from Tameka’s post. Its will thought out and thorough, and most importantly resourceful."
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Male Chauvinist Or Not


As my readers know, I'm a lover of quotes.  As a single woman, I commented on the quote above. I basically said I loved it.  Well here's a quote for you, "One problem with being single is that it exposes you to people that don't measure up to you. The longer you stay single, the wider the divide between you and your ideal partner. Praying and playing in relationship may not be as important as being a survivalist. The fittest get married." 

This was a comment from a Nigerian Architect, Creative Writer, and Politician.  His response actually brought back memories of a Nigerian pilot that I dated for several years, now that's another story. I'm not going to group all men into the same category, but the thought process is typical.  I was somewhat offended by the comment.  He states that he is a Politician.  If he was campaigning in this country he damn sure wouldn't get my vote.  The only vote that he would get from me is to be voted off the island.  When I thought about his comment it sounded somewhat like a male chauvinist comment.  I couldn't contain myself so I responded. 

Here is my response to him, "You can be exposed to people who don't measure up regardless of your marital status. People come into your life for a reason or a season.  Just learn from it and keep it moving. The fittest get married - People can choose to get married or not get married. That doesn't make them fit or unfit."

I know people who are married that don't measure up to my standards and I don't see them as an ideal mate for anyone. So the longer you stay single, your chances of finding your ideal mate lessens? Could it be the woman will be seen as an old maid, nobody will want her after 30? Being a survivor is more important than praying or playing?  Most women in that country do get married to survive.  The fittest get married? Some of the most unstable people that I have ever met or seen in my life are married or have been married.  Child rapists, murders, robbers, white collar criminals and the list goes on.  How does your marital status define how fit your are? He probably wants to give me 50 lashes for even commenting on his ludicrous thought process.  In his eyes, I probably should not even be on social media.  I should be weaving a rug, cooking over a kettle, herding goats or balancing a basket on my head. You have to be fit for these chores.   

We had several exchanges before we finally cleared the air.  I guess the bottom line ended up being a a cultural difference.  Men control their wives in Nigeria for the most  part.  He stated that his wife depends on him for everything including advancing her career and opportunities.  Oh really!  

My final response was I live in America.  We choose to marry or not marry in this country. There are people who have waited a life time to find their ideal mate, and many had to weed out quite a few before their blessing.  That doesn't make them unfit.  There should be no age limit or time frame in which a person should be married.  It's taken 35 years to meet someone who could potentially be my soul mate, but that will be for me to decide. Welcome to America. Your thoughts.  

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