15 Ways To Embarrass Your Children

Are  you embarrassing to your child?  Do you look like this when you drop your child off at school in the morning or pick them up?  Has your child asked you to drop them off a block away from their destination so they won't have to explain to their friends that you're their mom or dad?  If they have you may want to rethink how you're presenting yourself in public.  


10 Tips for Single Parent Success

Raising children as a single parent, whether you're a mother or father, can be exhausting.  It takes focus, strength and determination to succeed, but it can be done.  If we accept that each and every one of us are where we are because of decisions that we've made, we will be more willing to make better decisions.  Can you pass the test of life?  It doesn't have an eraser, and as long as you continue to make bad choices you will continue to struggle and come up short.  Life is not perfect you will fail from time to time, but poor decision making won't be what's driving you if you change your attitude and perspective.  


Summer Activities: Garden With Your Child

My grandfather had a garden when I was growing up, and I remember how different the vegetables taste from the store brought veggies.  With that in mind, I planted a vegetable garden.  My father was an avid flower gardener, so it's in my blood. 

I decided to involve my grandson when he was little.  He lives near the beach, so backyard gardening isn't a common theme in that area. When he visits in the summer he helps me with my garden.  He enjoys playing in the dirt and watering Mawmaw's plants, but most importantly he is learning about growing vegetables and flowers.  It's a great way to get him outside and moving.  


8 Benefits of Giving Children Chores

children's chores

Do you give your children chores?  I have found that many of our children have become entitled. They think they should have maid service, they shouldn't have to work for anything, and the world owes them.  Many make no effort in school and they have no respect for their parents or anyone else they encounter.  I wonder if their attitude is a result of them not understanding that things are earned and their are no entitlements.  Do they understand that mom is not a maid or their personal chef, and the roof over their head and food on the table is the result of work?  Many grow up not knowing knowing how to care for themselves or how to do things around the house.  They think it's okay to depend on someone else to take care of them.  


Tips On How To Plan A Baby Shower

Thinking of hosting a baby shower for a relative or friend this year, and don't know where to start or what a hostess should do?  Taking on the responsibility of hostess requires time, energy and creativity.   I've hosted several over the years, and I sure wish I had a few tips on how and when I should do things before I took on the responsibility.  I know your time is precious, so I put together a few tips on how to host a baby shower.  Here are our tips: