Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sunday's Best Linkup

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Mother 2 Mother will be starting a new link up effective January 2015.  Save the date, you don't want to miss it.  The more the merrier.  It's a great way to expose your blog, share what's happening in your world and meet new bloggers.  

The Sunday's Best linkup will start every Saturday at 8:00 pm EST and end each Friday at mid-night. Each month their will be a different theme, but feel free to link up whatever post you would like. Anything goes. When the linkup goes live in January, I will announce the theme for February.  This is two-fold, it will give you inspiration for creating new blog posts and you can than share them with us. Get your creative juices flowing for January's linkup, here's the plan for next month: 

January - Baby It's Cold Outside.  Share your favorite winter memories, Christmas posts, recipes that will warm us up on a cold day, crafts, scrapbook layouts, knitting/crochet projects and any other DIY projects you're working on now that it's cold outside.  Don't have winter posts, that's okay link-up what you would like and as many as you would like.     

Go through those photos, old and new. Start start creating those posts or better yet re-post an old one that you would like to drive new traffic to.  We can't wait to see what's happening or has happened in your world.  If you're interested in co-hosting, please contact me at  I would also appreciate you sharing this post and helping to spread the word.  Grab my button on the right .  I hope you will join me for Sunday's Best!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fulcrum Gallery Art Review

Are you a lover of all things Paris or dreaming of taking a trip one day? Me too.  I just did an office make-over using a Paris theme.  I love, love, love it.  I had one wall left in my office that needed a picture and Fulcrum Gallery asked me to do a review on their artwork.  I jumped at the chance and selected the Travel Paris artwork. Ladies, it is beautiful. The gold frame really makes the brown tones in the picture pop.  The artwork is quality, shipment is fast and the prices are great. I couldn't believe how low Fulcrum's framed pictures are for a gallery.  

They have a large selection of artwork to select from in various sizes and prices to fit every budget.  If I had not already had a theme in mind, I would have been spinning trying to make a selection.  

I love that Fulcrum had several colors of frames to choose from or you can get the print on canvass. I debated between the gold frame or canvass. As you can see, I didn't make a mistake with my choice. Regardless of the type of print you are looking for, this gallery will have it. The site is easy to navigate and they have their artwork listed by room or subject to help make finding your favorite print easy.    

They are running a special, 50% off all prints that ends Monday, December 22.  Use the promo code, 50Prints. This would be a great time to purchase a new print for your home or office, an upcoming birthday, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. How often does a gallery run a special for 50% off their prints, really.  Check the site often or sign up for their mailing list so you don't miss their promotions.  

Every time I look at this print in my office, I smile. I encourage you to head over and check out Fulcrum too.   


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 Days of Christmas - Favorite Decorating Items

Welcome to Day 7 of my 12 Days of Christmas posts.  Today I'm sharing my favorite items that I use in my Christmas decorating displays.  I love, love, love nutcrackers. I started collecting them years ago, and I use them in every nook and cranky that I can find. I did scale back this year, but many found their way out of storage.  

These little fellows found a place on my dining room table. I'm not hosting a formal dinner this Christmas, I'll be serving a buffet style gathering after Christmas, so I decided to do a simple center display using the nutcrackers, over sized ornaments, and a simple table runner.    

I added additional nutcrackers on my coffee and end tables.  As you can see I also love adding ornaments to my displays. The vintage glass bowl is a gift from one of my aunts who passed away this April.  I put a together a cook-book in her honor that I will be giving as a Christmas gift to her siblings.  Stay tuned for that post.  

Christmas Table Settings

I did bring out a set of my informal Christmas dishes that I use in my breakfast room. I like for my rooms to feel festive during the holidays. I picked up the miniature stockings to house the utensils at Walmart. Great price, 4 for a $1.00.  I thought they added a festive touch.  I gathered some greenery from the backyard to add to the centerpiece, I love how the greenery smells in the house. I added a few sprays of berry pics that I picked up at Michael's for $.99 each. The pine cones were picked up on a trip to North Carolina when we were scouting colleges for my daughter, and the dish is a vintage milk glass cake plate. I like to use it with the Christmas dishes.  I love how the white makes the red pop.  

Christmas Place Settings

My artificial tree. Yes, I finally purchased one after struggling with the idea for several years. I softened the blow of not having a live tree by purchasing new ornaments.  I love the color, I went with chocolate and gold this year. The tree is starting to grow on me.  I have to say that I was completely lost when it came to shaping the tree, but once I got the hang of it I moved pretty quickly.  If only I had room to store it put together, lol.  

Now, I want your honest opinion.  Which do you like, the artificial or the live tree at the bottom.  I may revert back to the live tree next year.  Do you have a live or artificial tree? What are your favorite decorating items, and do you use a color combination on your tree.  Please leave me a comment, I love them.   

Monday, December 15, 2014

12 Days of Christmas - The Family

Christmas Tree decorating ideas

Welcome to Day 6 of my 12 Days of Christmas posts. Today I'm looking back at some of favorite Christmas memories with family. I'm also tossing in this picture of my Christmas tree. It's the last live tree that I purchased. I switched to an artificial tree this year, and I'm having mixed emotions.  I love the look and smell of a live tree.  The Douglas Fir was my favorite, unfortunately they're work with set-up, constant watering and disposal. I've had a live tree for 30 years, it's like losing a friend.  It's also the last year for the ornaments on this tree. I purchased new ornaments this year with a new color theme. I love the ornaments, but will I go back to a live tree?  Stay tuned for next year's post of the 2015 Christmas tree. 

This picture still brings me to tears.  This is me holding Zarriah her first Christmas. This was an emotional day for me.  She was a preemie, weighing in at 2lbs. and 10 ounces when she entered this world.  She fought for her life for 3 months, so it was a joy and a blessing having her home for Christmas. She is truly our miracle baby, and she's still a fighter.  

White Christmas
A white Christmas.  Although we ended up with a foot of snow that year, there is nothing more beautiful than a white Christmas, that's if you're staying home.    

To me, Christmas is about the time we spend with family and friends.  It's a magical time for children.  This is a picture of my nephew and a family friend's daughter.  They were in awe of the moving Santa.  

I love this picture, of Xavier's grandfather reading to him Christmas morning.  It was an exciting morning, he fall asleep shortly thereafter.  Such a precious moment.  

This is a family friend's daughter dancing to Beyonce's All the Single Ladies at one of my parties. She was working it.  Every time I heard that song, I think about her. Too funny. 

White Christmas

This Christmas, I got snowed in at my daughter's in Virginia Beach. We're used to snow back home, but an inch will shut a beach town down.  Six inches will completely immobilize it and it did. My daughter and SIL had no shovel or scrapers, and the city had no salt or sand. We used gift boxes to clean off the cars. Trying to make it home was a nightmare, it's a 5 hour drive home. I never saw a snowplow come through the neighborhood the entire time I was there. I had to get back to work, so I slide my way out. It was amazing, even the emergency responders were unprepared. I watched cops run off the road in route to assist others. If I ever get snowed in again, I'll just stay put until it all melts. My stress level went to new heights that Christmas.    

This Christmas we also celebrated my son-in-law's birthday, which is January 3.  My grandson took over the cake and the party. I guess this is why it's no fun having your birthday during the holiday season.  

Last, but not least my Zarriah learning to walk with the help of her new baby and stroller. I was so excited.  She is truly a miracle and this was a Christmas blessing.  

I have hundreds of other memories that I can share, but these are some of the most memorable. Stay tuned to Day 7 of my posts.  What are some of your favorite holiday memories?    

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